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Hotel ERP Software

Hotel Management System is mainly a complete hotel management software that can allow you to manage an online booking or reservation system, room management system, customer management, user billing system, human resource management system, and more. This software provides an Admin panel and an attractive Website that ensure a hassle-free operation.

Management System?

Which Modules Will You Get in DWEST- Hotel Management System?

Having this PMS hotel software would bring supersonic power to you to run your business properly & smoothly. Are you curious to know about the modules of DWEST? Here, you will oversee some essential modules of the DWEST – Hotel Management System. So, let’s start.

Interactive Dashboard

With this module, you can get an overall synopsis of your system. This module can be able to represent the expense summary and maintenance cost through pie charts and line charts. Moreover, these graphical representations help to enhance the user experience. This module can provide the following aspects as well.

Moreover, you can get a graphical comparison between booking confirmed and booking pending. This module helps you to easily understand the total booking amount and the total number of bookings through a bar chart. Also, you can observe the following things through this module.

  • Total Booking history
  • Total Reservation
  • Today Booking List
  • Next-Day Booking List
  • Customer List and more!

Customer Management

Customers are the blessing or strong point of your business, and definitely, you have to manage your customers properly. Without a customer management system, your automation process will be totally incomplete.

Our hotel management software is integrated with a CRM system, and you can manage all the customer-related activities through this module. This module can allow you to add new customers and handle the existing customers.

  • Add Customer
  • Manage Customer

Room Reservation

As this software is mainly a PMS hotel software, it is very obvious to have a room reservation system. Without this module, you need to manually manage all reservations or bookings, which will be very time-consuming.

In this regard, the DWEST – Hotel Management System provides a complete room reservation system that can allow you to handle all booking-related activities. For example, you can add check-in and check-out times, and this module can automatically generate booking numbers according to the booking information.

  • Room Booking
  • Check In
  • Check Out

Room Settings

This one is another essential module to manage your hotel business successfully. If you want to orient your rooms automatically, you have to require a room setup system. This module can allow you to organize your tasks, and you can add bed names, start class names, and other necessary criteria.

Moreover, you can easily allocate the rooms according to the booking types through this module. The most significant advantage of this module is that it allows you to manage the floor plan and upload all the images of your rooms.

  • Bed List
  • Start Class List
  • Manage Booking Types
  • Manage Floor Plan
  • Room List
  • Room Image

Room Facilities

As an owner of a hotel business, you may provide numerous facilities, but it will be very hazardous if you need to maintain these manually. To consider this, we will provide a module, namely Facilities, that can allow you to provide miscellaneous facilities to your customers.

By using this module, you can add any kind of facility, whatever you want; you just need to put the facility name. Also, you can manage these facilities and create a list of all room sizes through this module.

  • Manage Facility
  • Facility Details List
  • Room Size List

Supplier Management

Suppliers play a significant role in your hotel business, and to manage the overall activities of the suppliers, you need a supplier module in your hotel management software. Without this module, you can not control the total inflow and outflow of your inventory.

Moreover, this module can allow you to add suppliers to put some required information. Also, you can easily handle all the suppliers and get a comprehensive list.

  • Add Supplier
  • Manage Supplier

Product Management

To manage your inventory system, you have to need a complete product management module. Without this module, you can not add any products, and rather you have to add the products manually. In that case, there will be a huge chance of mismatching the records and miscalculations.

Using this module, you can resolve all of the issues, and it can allow you to add the necessary products. But before adding any product, you have to set up the measurement unit, and you can do these kinds of activities through this module.

  • Add Unit
  • Add Product
  • Manage Produc

Purchase Management

In the DWEST – Hotel Management System, you can get another crucial module that will help you to manage the product purchase-related activities from the supplier. As this software provides a supplier module and a product module, it’s very apparent to have a purchase management system in this software.

With this module, you can purchase any items from the listed suppliers and get a detailed list of your purchased items. Here you also can get a Purchase Return sub-module that will allow you to return any defect items which you have purchased.

  • Add Purchase
  • Manage Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Return Invoice

Account Management

Billing or accounts management is one of the fundamental features of any online hotel management system. This software has a complete account management system that will provide a chart of accounts to keep records of overall assets, equity, expense, income, and liabilities.

Moreover, this module can assist you to generate several vouchers like a debit voucher, credit voucher, contra voucher, and journal voucher. Also, it can automatically prepare the entire accounts reports, including voucher reports, cash book, bank book, general ledger, trial balance, total cash flow, and more aspects.

  • Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Debit Voucher
  • Credit Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Account Reports

Human Resources Management

To manage your hotel business, undoubtedly, you have to need a complete human resource management system. Without this module, you need to apply the manual process to hire and manage your employees as well as you can not keep track of the activities of your employees.

In this regard, you will get a complete human resource management system that can allow you to manage your employees from the recruiting process to the payroll system. Also, it can keep a record of employee attendance as well as effectively handle leave management.

  • Employee Management
  • Recruitment System
  • Department
  • Attendance System
  • Leave management
  • Payroll System

Payment Settings

Thinking about the payment process? Want to integrate multiple payment methods? You need not worry at all because you will get another vital module that can handle the overall payment process. In the online hotel management system, it is important to have many ways of processing your customer’s transaction in a secure and productive way.

With this module, you can add several payment methods and get a comprehensive list of all payment gateways. Also, this module can allow you to set up the payment gateways that you want to provide for your customers.

  • Payment Method List
  • Payment Setup System

Reporting System

A proper reporting system ensures the maximum success of your business. You can easily predict your profit or loss from your business reports. But, if you manually create an overall report, it will be very time-consuming for you.

From this module, you will get complete reports of all bookings as well as this module can generate an overall purchase and stock reports automatically. Moreover, it will save your time and help you to enhance the productivity of your business.

  • Booking Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Stock Reports